hatzisleather.jpgLeather is one of the strongest coating materials that human knows. Nature has created an extra strong structure of weaving that consists of a complex net of natural skin strings.

This strength enables the manufacturer to work on leather without the fear of tearing, breaking or destroying in general. Leather is not quite burnable or melt able as most kinds of fabric or vinyl.

Because of the recent improvements (in leather generally) but also during the procedure of blackening, leather remains nowadays permanently flexible, without changing its final shape. Finishes and color used today in good quality leather products are permanent and color doesn't  break neither fades. Leather can stand even in the hardest conditions of everyday's life at home and at office, demanding the minimum possible care.

The softness of leather available nowadays is much higher than kinds of leather used prior. Leather's shine and its outwards appearance in general are a matter of manufacturer’s and tanner's taste.

Unlike the fake "plastic" leather imitations, original leather doesn't feel sticky or hot in summer, nor cold and wet in winter. As leather is a natural, breathing material, it remains comfortable throughout the year.

Unlike most fabrics, leather is able with proper care to have the lifetime of an average person.  

There is no other material like leather, as regards its feeling and perfume. Over the years leather becomes more luxurious and flexible and gets a soft, smooth texture. There cannot exist two identical pieces of leather; each one has its own natural appearance, carrying the scars that make it unique.

Reasons for buying a leather product:

- Modern

- Long-lasting

- High quality

- Long durance

- Easy to care

- Good value

- Popular