Men's Leather Sandals

Pattern that fits all styles. Leather sandals are the safest solution, capable to accompany any of your summer appearance. They present style and comfort, necessary for the island but also for your city walks.

► The shoes sole is not slippery, gives you a perfect support and balance for your feet. Is not slippery on the water.

► The sandals will last for a long time. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they will become as they will stretch in your feet!!!

► Genuine leather that comes from the island of Crete and it is famous for it's superior quality and uniqueness is picked one by one for our leather products.

►The natural color leather is light brown, it changes by the time from the use or the sun. It becomes dark brown and it is the final color, which it looks vintage.

►Feet measurement technique◄
Feet's Measuring with 3 simple steps :
•Stand up and place your feet on a blank paper.
•Draw the outline and mark the tip of your first big toe
and the middle of your heel.
•Measure the distance between these two marks, adding an extra 1cm/0,4 inch (5mm for top and 5mm for back) for comfort.
•You re done! Choose what sole size fits you better.
If you fall between sizes,prefer to order up the next size.
You are one step closer to enjoy your real hand made sandals!

EU------US---cm (sole length)--inches (sole length)
43------- 9---------28.7---------------11.29
45------ 11.5-------30.0---------------11.81

► CARE:◄
Avoid getting them wet in sea water, but if you do rinse them out under a faucet, let them dry and then smear regular baby oil to soften them up.
Baby oil makes them soft and dark where as sea water makes them very dark and stiff.

► We are more than happy to help you in any question you have!
Please, message us regarding your inquiries and ideas.