Leather handmade backpack, the biggest size of its category.

Leather unisex backpack, big size. You can go anywhere with this backpack!
It is crafted for folders, A4 papers, laptop 16", can be used as a lunch bag,can fit an umbrella, gloves, hat - all the essentials for commuting to and from work. Also, you can keep all your kids necessities in this one bag. Don’t miss out on style with this super practical and fashionable look.

The bag consists of, one main part, ideal for folders, A4 papers and laptops up to 16 inches
and one smaller pocket in front of the bag for more options and smaller items.
It closes with buckles and clasps for maximum safety. Handle on the upper side of the bag  and  a drawstring closure.  There is a back case with a zipper which provides safety for your belongings.The length of the shoulder strap is easily changed and could be regulated to your convenience.

Dimensions:  height 39cm, length 30cm, width 16cm 

•    Genuine leather that comes from the island of Crete that it is famous for it's superior quality and uniqueness is picked one by one for our leather products.

•    The natural color of leather is light brown, but it changes over time from use and the sun. It turns dark brown and that makes it look more vintage.

•    Possible tiny marks on leather is natural and it shows the quality of it! Please note that colour may slightly differ on your monitor.

•    How to treat a leather bag: Leather is a skin and needs its own kind of skin care. Cleaning it and protect it regularly will keep your leather handbag clean, fresh and in a nice shape for years. Choose a cream that contains natural waxes special for leather products. Wipe the surface of a leather bag with a white cotton cloth. Soft and gentle moves for 3-4 minutes are enough. Leave the bag to get dry for 5 minutes and its again ready for use.

•    Please don't hesitate to contact us if there are any further questions or need more explanations! We will be glad to help you!