Mens Leather Suit Belt, black.

Each belt is crafted from 100% full genuine leather. They are all made by thick solid  leather. The edges are rounded and immaculately hand polished. A metal buckle is placed in each belt and can easily be removed or replaced by using metal screws. Each belt is completely handmade and built to last for years.

The best way to get a good fitting belt is to measure an old belt that fits you well. You need to measure from the fold of leather at the buckle to the end of the belt.
Each belt has enough holes to be worn by more than one size. In order to find the right fit
- Measure a current belt that you wear not including the buckle. This is the size that you would want to order. But do NOT measure the length including the buckle.
- If you haven’t an old belt you can measure your weist exactly wher you wear the belt.
- If you are still unsure, you may contact me directly for guidance

► Genuine leather that comes from the island of Crete that it is famous for it's superior quality and uniqueness is picked one by one for our leather products.

► Please don't hesitate to contact us if there are any further questions or need more explanations! We will be glad to help you!